martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

The Outsiders - The Outsiders (1967)

The Outsiders - The Outsiders (1967)
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Their Their super-raw debut album, a few songs of which were recorded live. Some of this is too melodically primitive and clumsy to survive the ages, but tracks like "Filthy Rich," "Won't You Listen," and "If You Don't Treat Me Right" are comparable to little else of the era with their savage, Pretty Things-on-speed mood and hyper-fast tempos. The CD reissue adds several bonus tracks. "

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Michael dijo...

Again- thanks for your great musical taste!

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Gerard dijo...

One of the best bands in Holland in the sixties! Thanks for you're posting

Anónimo dijo...

If you listen to this Outsiders album often enough, you will end up with a permanent grin, and your eyes will look like: x x Zeker!

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Thank you for your great work!

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gracias por subir estos grupos chidos, felicitaciones