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The Cramps - Big Beat From Badsville (2001)

The Cramps - Big Beat From Badsville (2001)

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Once again an excellent album from the Cramps. Sometimes you wonder can they still find old songs they want to cover, do they still have inspiration to make a new album, and then after 2 years waiting there's suddenly always a new Cramps album. This album is more rockabilly then ever. Well it's their version of rockabilly of course, because the first song of the album is a typical let's-tear-this-place up Cramps song. Maniacal, monotonous drums, fuzz guitar and not all too difficult lyrics. The lyrics of the Cramps are always very poetical. What about: Well the docter pulled me out and smakced me in the can. Wiped me off, took a look and said "it's a man! Well of course you have to hear Lux's voice to it, but it's a small impression. Thsi album is full of good songs, but "Burn she-devil burn", and "Like a bad girl should" really stand out.
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ALTCERF dijo...

Many thanks!

Anónimo dijo...

Maravillos hasta el final, The Cramps, segurarmente L. Interior gozará ahora de las llamas del infierno ¿No decían que los viejos heavies nunca mueren? Interior es mucho peor que eso... Hasta creo que sería capaz de volver de los infiernos para matarnos con el ritmo del mejor garaje que se hizo en la Tierra, una luz por él ++