martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

The Cramps - A Date With Elvis (1986)

The Cramps - A Date With Elvis (1986))
Mp3 @ 192 kbps - 48MB

The cramps are truly original and this album is one of their best. Lux Interior does his best psychotic Elvis imitaion on tracks like "Can Your ... Do The Dog?" and the opening track features Poison Ivy's vibrato pulsing country blues licks. All this and no bass player just pure garage rockabilly punk that kicks you in the head. The lyrics will make you laugh too.

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Curtis Inthekitchen dijo...

Aunque poca gente esté de acuerdo conmigo, éste es mi disco favorito de los Cramps, y Kizmiaz mi canción favorita...igual soy demasiado pop.

Anónimo dijo...

Thanx lad for the most part of these uploads. I found a way to have on mp3s things i had only in vinyl. RIP LUX!

Jobe dijo...

These Cramps post are great.