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Elastica - Line Up EP (1994)

Elastica - Line Up EP (1994)

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After one measly out of print limited-edition 7" ("Sputter"), this three-women, one-man group's CD-single debut proves the band is worthy of attention outside of any dubious, temporal feeding frenzy followed by any shunning frenzy scene. Warning: the B-sides, all about a minute and a half, are inconsequential. Nothing against short classics, but "Vaseline" and the Peel Sessions of "Rockunroll" and "Annie" fail to register in their precious seconds other than a more punky Blondie doing throwaway singalongs. But singles aren't judged on B-sides; "Line Up" begins with a nice nod toward 1977 Wire (a rip-off of "Lowdown" or "Strange"), then settles into a That Petrol Emotion-type Beefheart-pop groove with needling guitars, nervousness, and style leading to the "no no no no" chorus. Frischmann here sounds more convincing and more penetrating, more Pauline Murry or Penelope Houston than Debbie Harry
. The result is that this could be the start of even greater things to come.
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bobbysu dijo...

very good album

Alejandrodb dijo...

Muy buen album, ¡muchas gracias!.

Unknown dijo...

la malloria delos dicos no se pueden descargar ,perdemos el año