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Dark Throne - Panzerfaust (1995)

Dark Throne - Panzerfaust (1995)

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I think everyone who likes Darkthrone knows that this is the album that broke away from the sound on classics like their first releases. And there were probably hardcore fanatics of T-Hunger that bashed Darkthrone for abandoning that sound. But man, this is heaviness which ranks up there with Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, and at times it almost sounds doom laden. All these songs are classics. Varg from Burzum wrote the lyrics to the monster track on the album: Quintessence. This is my fav track and as stated in other reviews: yes, Nocturno Culto sounds like he is very pissed off, singing from the depths of hell. If you are into the second half of Darkthrone, the half that became this monster wall of heavy sound, don't miss this classic. Also check out Plague Wielder and Ravishing Grimness

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Verminaard dijo...

Llevaba meses detrás de este disco.
Danke schön ^^

Anónimo dijo...

mierda!!! y ahora son unos putetes estos de Darkthrone, los perdimos _____________ (deadline)

Anónimo dijo...

Muchas gracias por el disco.